2012-03-01 -- Mihail Sarov: Welcome to the TransgeneOme Project!

Welcome to the TransgeneOme

The TransgeneOme is designed from the start as an open collaboration project that is intended to provide a platform for protein function discovery through crowd sourcing the task of strain generation, image acquisition and pattern annotation. This means that your contributions will be open to the public and your will be credited for them. Your private data such as your contacts will not be revealed. You can see our full policy on security and privacy here.

While we are committed to high standards for quality of the reagent and data resources we are creating we cannot and do not provide any guarantees for the content. Please report any problems you may face with the data or the application itself and we will try to solve them as soon as possible.

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  • November 2016
    Simple line search. If you just have a line name and no gene name. Visibility might be restricted (e.g. when your line is marked private, someone else cannot find it).
  • February 2016
    Drosophila pseudoobscura and Drosophila simulans libraries are now available in the Clone Finder
  • October 2015
  • December 2013
    • zvi images are now basically supported.
    • Each ".zvi" file channel name has to contain on of these: red, rfp, blue, dapi, green, gfp
  • August 2013
    • Red and blue image channels are now supported too!
    • Better image uploader at line page. Drag and drop files in there.
  • End February 2013
    • Sending lines back! In order to receive more constructs you can now send lines back! Please follow the following steps:
    • Add a prep for the constructs in your construct list
    • Enter transformation (injection/bombardment) data using the prep
    • If you have at least one animal rescued, you can create a line
    • Select lines from your lines list to be sent back
    • You will be redirected to page with further instructions